Mittelalterlicher Tanztreff Gaudeamus in Puchenau

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde des Tanzes!

Ich lade Euch sehr herzlich zum nächsten Übungsabend ein, welcher stattfindet im

Tanztreffen 48

Schloß Puchenau am
Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013, 19.00 Uhr.

Mit beschwingten Grüßen Franz


Tanztreffen 48 2

Nach Wiederholung bewährt gekonnter Tänze wagten wir uns unter Choreographie Ullis nach den Klängen von Nonsuch
über den Kreistanz *Specknerin*,
sodann übten wir eine vereinfachte Version von Nonsuch.

Nonesuch nennt sich Tanz und Melodie aus John Playfords *Dancing Master* (1651).

Nonesuch nannte Heinrich VIII. (der mit den vielen Weibern) ein Hunting Lodge welches er 1538 in Sussex erbauen ließ *…and called dozens hale and light-hearted friends from among the knights and dames of his court. Nonesuch was amply provisioned, and the king assembled all the appliances of pleasure including buffoons, ballet dancers, musicians, Beauty, wine*.
Auch Queen Elisabeth I., nach der die Renaissance in England benannt wird, hielt sich gerne in dem Schlößchen auf und es wird berichtet *There is much dancing of country dances even Nonesuch in the privy chambers at Nonesuch before the Queens Majesty who is exceedingly pleased therewith”.

And she shall bring the birds in spring
And dance among the flowers.
In summer’s heat her kisses sweet
They fall from leafy bowers.

She cuts the grain and harvests corn.
The kiss of fall surrounds her.
The days grow old and winter cold.
She draws her cloak around her.


The English Club presents

“Of Knights and Maidens” on St. Helen’s day, Friday, 26th April 2013, 7.30 pm at the Olde World, 4 Main square, Linz 4020

This evening will be something special………

Knights and Maidens of the court will be assembled. To start with, Abraham a Santa Franz, our vicar, will hold a short pledge:

Some people say that life is a dance, well if this is so
I’d like to know the rules on which this dance of life is based.
I know of no dance more fitting than the age old dance of Playford
It has honour, it has character and it is British!
Now God laid down the rules of life when he wrote those Ten Commandments
And to dancers those ten same rules shall apply:
Show compassion and self-righteousness and be honest above all
And come to God’s call dressed for a ball!

Secondly Gaudeamus’ ballet dancers will dance Traubentritt and branle de chevaux.

Please come and dance with us!

Medieval flair – it will be an evening to remember ……….

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